Mercedes-Benz Canberra x Jess Cochrane


Mercedes-Benz Canberra are collaborating with Jess Cochrane to hold an exciting Pop-up Boot Sale on Sunday, March 17. As part of this event, Jess Cochrane has produced a limited edition print, involving the iconic three-pointed star and the femineity behind the history of Mercedes-Benz and the automotive industry.
Jess says, “This collaboration is about reclaiming the female form. Historically, women have been objectified in print advertising for motor vehicles. This art series is about empowering women by flipping this idea on its head and doing it in our own way.”
The artwork will be handed out at the Mercedes-Benz Canberra x Jess Cochrane Pop-up Boot Sale – which of course will be out of the boot of a Mercedes-Benz. The event will take place outside Sonoma Braddon. 
Ensure to visit on Sunday 17 March to get your hands on this limited print!